St. Joseph Home Selling Kits

Personally, I think there is really nothing wrong with burying a St. Joseph statue upside down as some people do when they are selling their house. I look at it the same way I look at other religious rituals, less as performing the suggested ritual to exact specifications and more as a LEAP OF FAITH, believing that St. Joseph will pray for us if we we ask him to intercede for us.

Francis X. Weiser pointed out in his book, “The Handbook of Christian Feasts and Customs”, that if these rituals are practiced in the right spirit, that is, based on the belief that the saints pray and intercedes for us, and without what he calls “unreasonable superstition”, our belief in the saints’ patronage and intercession provides “great consolation in temporal and spiritual need”.

Based on the emails I received from people who successfully sold their house, I don’t think the people who used the St. Joseph Home Selling Kit, were being disrespectful to St. Joseph or did it because of superstition. They did it because doing so increased their faith in St. Joseph’s intercession. They felt that St. Joseph was likewise praying for and with them for the sale of their house. After the sale, they dug up the statue and placed it in a prominent place in their home. Note that burying a statue is just part of the kit, what is more important is the novena that is prayed after the ritual.

Nevertheless, I’ve written a related article about this in my blog and you can read it at: